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There sure is a lot going on in the charity sector! We’ve rounded up some of the most interesting headlines and relevant news articles to give you an insight into the charitable giving world.

Donate The Change

The simple truth for charities: treat donors well and they will give more


Giles Pegram 6th July 2017, The Guardian   Respect is the order of the day! It appears that the days of pushy fundraising techniques and…

Donate The Change

JustGiving suspends withdrawals over Manchester attack fraud fears


Manchester attack: JustGiving suspends withdrawals from more than 200 fundraising pages over fraud fears Following the horrific attack in Manchester last week, our hearts go…

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New report shows charities more confident than ever with digital


The New Philanthropy Capital (NPC) has released a new report that asked 400 charity leaders how they were adapting to deliver their social impact in…

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Regulation, lack of trust and rising costs ‘will kill off some traditional fundraising’


We think that WaterAid’s new marketing strategy may be onto a winner. They have refocused their strategy to focus on creating interest in their campaigns,…

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UK on the verge of cashless society


Yes this headline does seem to be ringing true! It’s become the norm to expect that most stores, even the tiny corner shop at the…