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What Do You Think?

We have big ideas for the future! As a valued Donate The Change Beta user we would like to involve you in some exciting ideas we’ve had at Donate The Change.

We’re seeing some great results for our charity partners with our keyrings and bracelets, and have listened to your feedback, so we will shortly be introducing Donate The Change companion cards  that allow you to use our service with any online transaction or Chip and PIN transactions and give you more opportunities to donate!

Before we do, we would love YOUR opinion.

Here’s a sneak peak of our shortlisted card designs. Please tell us which one is your favourite!

Coming Soon
Black 16 ( 29.63 % )
Raspberry 11 ( 20.37 % )
Rainbow 27 ( 50 % )

If you represent a UK charity and want to join the service, you can always create your own design for your supporters.


As we will always doing everything we can for our charities, we know it’s important to listen to what our users and future users think.

Please let us know what you think about this new initiative..

Dear Valued Supporter,


We're thrilled with the support we've been receiving for the Donate The Change service from Donors and Charity Partners and we're delighted to be able to be helping so many good causes.

FOR CURRENT ACTIVE USERS the programme will continue to run until June 30th 2018.

We will not be accepting any new orders and any un-activated chips will not be able to be activated.

We are upgrading the programme features and adding additional cards and wearables which will be released in just a few months time!

At that point, registration for both Donors and new Charity partners will reopen.

To ensure you don't miss out click here to leave your details and we'll be sure that you are among the first to know when registration reopens.

Thanks — The DTC Team